Application Migration / Re-Engineering

Do you have applications that exhibit one or multiple following traits?

  • Poor or no support from Vendor.
  • Poor or no support due to obsolete technology and lack of expertise.
  • No equivalent package available in the market.
  • High maintenance cost due to poor design in the first place.
  • Emergence of state of the art technologies may have happened since the application was built and the benefit of such migration outweighs the investment to migrate.

If the answer is yes, the more traits your application have, the more critical is to migrate or re-engine your applications.

Application Re-engineering in a nutshell

  • Reverse Engineering to extract the business rules.
  • Forward engineering.
  • Extensive amount of testing to ensure that the re-engineered application & the current applications behave identically.

How IFIS can help you?

  • Manage your re-engineering risks with our expertise.
  • Smooth migration transition
  • We take utmost care in identifying the current scenarios and best technologies to adopt and build IT infrastructure that suits your specific needs.
  • A thorough testing methodology is employed to ensure the migration process is executed flawlessly.

What benefits you can get?

  • A significant increase on your return on investment.
  • Improved process and better organizational level benefits such as enhanced efficiency, productivity and better management of resources.
  • Lower operational & maintenance costs.

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