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IFIS Product Suite

IFIS Product Suite is a complete modular, multi-market, multi-instrument, multi-network framework for building multi-product financial trading portals. A cost-effective alternative to the more traditional sell-side to buy-side offerings, it allows you to give your customers trading access to a broad range of instruments via a single Web front-end or terminal.

IFIS Asia Holdings Pte Ltd's applications can be implemented either as a complete integrated solution to cover every aspect of trading in the Capital Markets, or as specific modules integrated into existing systems to enhance additional functionality and superior performance.

Customisable modules that can be plugged in to stream market data such as financial quotes, prices, news headlines, facts and figures include:

  • News – AFX, Reuters
  • Mobile
  • Portfolio
  • Fundamental (stock screener)
  • Historical Data
  • Charting
  • Trade Screen

TradeView is a powerful financial workstation for the retail trader. Incorporating all the standard pre-trading tools the retail trader needs, including a wide variety of market information such as financial quotes, prices, news headlines and charts, this versatile application also offers a set of advance tools such as OLE functionality, development facilities, and internet support with TradeView’s built-in Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Trading capability is made easy with the integration to the Trading (TradeDirect) and Risk (TradeChk) system via Trade Screen.

Customisable plug-in modules to the TradeE and TradeView system include:

  • News
    News from Reuters and Xin Hua archived are equipped with search functionality.
  • Charting
    All the charting analysis traders need such as Moving Averages, RSI, MACD, etc. on different markets such as Singapore Exchange, Bursa Malaysia are made available at a click.
  • Mobile
    With the pervasiveness of Mobile technology and wide availability of portable devices, Mobile offers clients freedom of viewing real-time prices on Java-enabled mobile devices, anywhere, anytime.
Efficient and reliable management of trade orders of the front-end trading systems is undertaken by IFIS's highly resilient TradeDirect. This tried and tested order management system is able to perform client account management, real time credit limit checking with TradeChk, order and trade status updates and confirmations.

Before routing the orders to the stock exchange, risk management is facilitated by TradeChk which checks custodian information and limit risks. Users will also be able to download the latest information on designated/"high-risk" counters for risk checking purpose. All these features ensure a well-risk-managed trading environment furnishing real-time information on account position, available limits, stock position and house position.

TradeHub is the messaging middleware suite that provides connectivity, message handling, business validation, workflow process and FIX message formatter. This universal adapter glues together incompatible front office, back office and external communications networks thereby allowing financial institutions to expedite Straight Through Processing ("STP") in handling securities, foreign exchange and other transactions.

TradeHub is the key to fast and efficient routing of order messages from TradeDirect (OMS) to various stock exchanges or FIX networks such as Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Reuters Order Routing (ROR), Transaction Network Services (TNS), MacGregor FIX Network (MFN), Swiss American Securities Inc Network (SASI), etc. Insulated from various incompatible order message standards, TradeDirect shortens the turnaround times by focusing on FIX to interface a new exchange or FIX network.

TradeDeal is an order execution application specifically tailored for buys side institutional brokers which receiving orders from TradeView built in trade screen. It then routes orders to any sell side counterparties. TradeDeal is use for monitoring orders status also able to set routing rules, amalgamate and allocate order. TradeDeal routes orders based on defined rules to sell side counterparties via Reuters Order Routing (ROR).

TradeEx is an order execution application specifically tailored for sell-side institutional brokers. Receiving orders from any FIX protocol networks such as Reuters Order Routing (ROR), Thomson Autex Network, Swiss American Securities Inc Network (SASI), etc. for execution, TradeEx routes orders based on defined rules to stock exchanges directly (STP) automatically. Tested and certified to be compliant with ROR network's FIX protocol messaging standards, the system can be extended to integrate with back-office processing or even global trading platforms.

TradeLink is the high performance environment apt at receiving orders from institutional customers and sending to brokerage firms via FIX. It represents the complete solution for buy-side dealer to sell-side broker interconnections via FIX standard protocol.

Committed to certification with FIX networks like ROR (4.0/4.2), Autex, Fidessa, Bloomberg, MacGregor FIX Network (MFN), Transaction Network Services (TNS), NYFIX, Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), Bursa and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE), TradeFix lays the foundation for sending and receiving messages electronically across from front-to-back office, helping users in the global trading networks achieve straight-through processing ("STP").

TradeData provides the request-and-retrieve service that lets you select the data you need. This databank brings to your fingertips historical time & sales, fundamentals, tick data and news to assist you in generating management reports for analysis purpose. Powered by REUTERS Knowledge which provides fundamental data and company financial report information, this data repository keeps historical prices for analysis thereby allowing the front-end TradeView to plot historical price charts up to 10 years.